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6 Hidden Costs You Must Check with Your Builder About in Canterbury

6 Hidden Costs You Must Check with Your Builder About in Canterbury

Did you know that over 77% of home builders in Canterbury face unexpected costs during the construction process? It’s essential to be aware of these hidden costs before embarking on your dream home journey. In this blog, we’ll discuss the six hidden costs you must check with your builders about in Canterbury to ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Site Cost

Considering site costs is crucial when embarking on a residential construction project in Canterbury. These costs form an integral part of your overall budget and, consequently, impact various aspects of your project, such as land preparation and accessibility. Factors such as your land’s natural slope, soil type, and ease of access can significantly influence the expenses associated with preparing the site for construction.

Land preparation typically entails levelling, soil testing, and other essential groundwork required to secure a strong foundation for your home. Overlooking these crucial elements may lead to inaccurate quotes or even long-term structural problems that could have otherwise been avoided by thorough research and consultation with skilled construction companies.

To get the right construction services and site costs, it’s important to – 

  • Assessing multiple construction service Canterbury providers enables you to gain a comprehensive understanding of site costs, allowing you to make an informed decision when selecting the company that best aligns with your needs and budget. By consulting several companies before finalising your choice, you increase the chances of finding a service provider who offers quality services at competitive prices.
  • Choosing an experienced construction company in Canterbury guarantees not only top-quality services but also invaluable support throughout the entirety of your residential construction project in Canterbury. With the input of knowledgeable professionals, your home will match your expectations in terms of design and overall functionality.

Structural Cost

Naturally, you desire your new residence to stand the test of time, especially when it comes to residential construction in Canterbury. Regrettably, specific structural upgrades may not feature in house and land packages in Canterbury. Consequently, confirm with your construction company in Canterbury about the inclusion of costs for elements like:

– High wind-rated framing

– Double-glazed windows

– Additional insulation

Ensuring these components are taken into account helps guarantee a durable and long-lasting home for you and your future generations. By incorporating these features, you can rely on your chosen construction services in Canterbury to create a cosy, energy-efficient, and resilient home.


In residential construction Canterbury projects, choosing the right flooring is a crucial aspect that is sometimes overlooked by homeowners. It not only plays a vital role in the overall aesthetics and functionality of the home but also has a long-term impact on its maintenance and value. Therefore, it is essential to make well-informed decisions when selecting flooring options.

– When choosing construction company Canterbury packages, the base price might not include premium hardwood floors or plush carpets. So it’s important to confirm possible additional costs for those premium materials.

– Engage with your home builders to discuss various flooring options that suit your preferences and budget. They can provide valuable insights into different materials, their durability, and maintenance requirements.

– Construction services Canterbury professionals can help you make well-informed decisions based on their expertise and experience with local projects. 


Landscaping holds significant importance in the residential construction of Canterbury projects, offering a plethora of benefits:

– Enhanced Property Value: A well-designed landscape remarkably elevates the overall value of your property. It serves as a key element of residential construction in Canterbury, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor space.

– Omitted Expenses: It is worth noting that many house and land packages in Canterbury might disregard the necessity of factoring in landscaping expenses. Therefore, it’s essential to be aware of and include these costs from the beginning.

– Comprehensive Cost Estimations: To obtain an accurate understanding of overall costs, make sure to account for landscaping fees at the outset. This approach guarantees transparency in managing your financial expectations.

– Additional Design Elements: Lastly, while planning your landscape design, consider incorporating retaining walls or fencing. These elements offer an additional level of privacy and security and enhance your property’s visual appeal.

Homeowners Insurance

Acquiring homeowners insurance during construction is a crucial aspect, frequently overlooked but should never be underestimated for the following reasons:

– Homeowners insurance ensures comprehensive coverage for accidents or damages resulting from unforeseen circumstances, such as natural disasters or construction faults.

– Builders in Canterbury might fail to emphasise the significance of homeowners insurance, however, it remains vital for recovery after any unexpected incidents.

So remember, always allocate sufficient funds in your budget for homeowners’ insurance while constructing a new home in Canterbury. This will cover accidents or damages from unforeseen events and help achieve long-term peace of mind.

Road Closing Charges

Road closure charges are often overlooked expenses when finalising contracts for house and land packages in Canterbury. They are crucial to consider for several reasons:

• Temporary access: Construction equipment and waste disposal often require temporary access to a street, leading to potential road closure charges.

• Compliance: Ensuring adherence to local regulations and permissions by accounting for these fees helps avoid issues during construction.

• Transparency: Discussing hidden costs with your builder maintains an open line of communication, fostering a smoother construction process.

By being well-informed of all possible costs associated with road closures, you can have a hassle-free journey towards building your dream home.

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